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UAW: Senator intimidated workers before vote

The clock is ticking for the United Auto Workers to file an objection to the recent vote at Chattanooga’s Volkswagen plant. The UAW has until the end of the week to file an objection. And unless the National Labor Relations Board overturns the election results, UAW won’t be able to seek another vote here for a full year. UAW President Bob King says the union is still exploring whether to challenge the vote. But regardless of the outcome, VW still wants to launch a works council at the plant. And some workers at the factory say they’re interested in starting a micro-union, one that could consist of just the factory’s employees. In the meantime, King accuses Senator Bob Corker of intimidating workers at the plant before the vote took place. He says attorneys are evaluating whether any rules were broken by Corker and other Republicans who said VW would be more likely to expand here if the UAW was rejected.

Source: Chattanooga News

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