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Teacher takes student to doctor, loses her job

A local teacher is in hot water for taking a student to the hospital - and footing the bill. Red Bank High School teacher Jennifer Mitts took a sick 20-year-old student to the ER. She says the student didn’t have transportation, or insurance. And the student asked to go. But when Mitts returned, she says she was forced to resign from her job. School officials say Mitts voluntarily resigned. But Mitts says that if she didn’t resign, she was told she’d be fired. Now her story has been picked up by national media outlets, and an online petition demanding her reinstatement has received more than 17 hundred signatures. But it turns out Mitts has been warned before about taking students to the doctor. In January 2013 she was reprimanded and warned not to do it again unless she had permission from administrators and parents.

Source: Chattanooga News

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