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Taylor Phinney Chattanooga crash photos

One of America's top young cyclists has undergone a second surgery after an accident during the USA Cycling national championship on Monday. Taylor Phinney was likely traveling 60 to 70 miles per hour down Lookout Mountain when he crashed. He slid into a guardrail during a sharp left-turn on Scenic Highway. His left leg was broken. The tibia and fibula were fractured, and his knee was injured. He's since been recovering at Erlanger hospital. But now questions are being raised about what caused the crash. Another racer, Lucas Euser, says he and Taylor came up on a moto bike and perhaps a car. He claims the moto was swerving back and forth, and forced both of them straight into the guardrails. USA Cycling president Steve Johnson says race officials are looking into reports that race vehicles were involved in the accident. He says an investigation - is ongoing.

Source: Chattanooga News

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