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Surprise snowstorm paralyzes Chattanooga

A surprise snowstorm has paralyzed the city, and it all started with a faulty forecast. Most forecasters say they didn’t see the inch and a half of snow coming, and that caught nearly everyone off guard and unprepared. The city was caught in gridlock as schools dismissed early and busses and parents took to untsalted roads. Some bus routes were canceled, other busses got stuck, and many children were stranded at schools well into the evening. By mid-afternoon, Chattanooga police reported more than 130 traffic accidents in the city alone, and towing services were reporting five-hour wait times. In Cleveland, there was a 17-car pileup on Paul Huff Parkway, and the entrance to Quail Run off Standifer Gap became a parking lot. And roads in the area aren’t expected to be much better today. The temperature won’t get above freezing all day, meaning the roads will continue to be treacherous. At least four major downtown hotels were completely sold out last night.

Source: Chattanooga News

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