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Skyy Mims wanted in bloody gas station murder

Authorities are looking for 21-year-old Skyy Mims after a bloody murder at a gas station in Dalton, Georgia. A clerk was murdered at Hi-Tech Fuel around midnight when he was attacked from behind and apparently stabbed. The attack was so swift and quiet that customers inside the store didn’t even notice. One eventually left money at the cash register and walked out. Authorities say the attack took place at the deli by the front counter. The attacker took cash and scratch-off lottery tickets and apparently fled on foot. We’re told the victim, a man named Dicky, was a 36-year-old from India who started working the third shift just a few weeks ago. Arrest warrants have been issued for Mimis, whose last known address is Detroit. It’s unclear whether she’s still in the area. Authorities say she should be considered - armed and dangerous.

Source: Chattanooga News

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