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Skeletal remains of 63-year-old twins unnoticed in home for years

Police say the skeletal remains of two 63-year-old twins went unnoticed in a Chattanooga home for more than three years. Over the weekend authorities found the skeletons of Anthony and Andrew Johnson sitting in recliners in their living room in a house near Red Bank. WRCB reports that their sister tried to check on them in 2011 but didn’t have a key. So she called police, but they wouldn’t force their way in. Finally, this weekend another family member was able to get a key to go inside. Investigators say they believe the twins died in early 2011, based on a time stamp found on a receipt near some unused Coke cans. But neighbors say they never notices because the grass was cut and the mailbox wasn't overflowing. Officials say both men were severe diabetics. And while there were no obvious signs of foul play, Chattanooga police - are still investigating.

Source: Chattanooga News

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