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Husband rescued wife from submerged SUV

We’re learning more details about the tragedy in Bledsoe County that killed two young children. 24-year-old Monique Einwechter was leaving her parents’ house, driving across a dam just a few feet wider than her SUV, when she steered too close to the edge, and the car fell into a pond. After slamming her horn, four men ran to the scene, and smashed windows to grab 1-year-old Titus and 2-year-old Jonathan David. But then - the SUV flipped, the roof at the bottom of the pond, and 35-degree-water pouring in through broken windows. Monique’s husband, Jonathan, swam through the water to find his wife unconscious, and he pulled her to land. She had been underwater for about 5 minutes. Other family members jumped in but were unable to find 3-year-old Elise and 6-week-old Enoch. Both children were pronounced dead as emergency workers tried to fly them to the hospital. In the days since, Monique has recovered, and she may be released from Memorial Hospital today.

Source: Chattanooga News

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