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Football coach arrested for vandalizing his own school

It’s been less than two weeks since the field house at Marion County High School was vandalized. Now a police investigation has led to a surprising arrest. Marion County assistant football coach Michael Schmitt has been charged with allegedly vandalizing his own school. The incident happened just before a game against the school’s rival - South Pittsburg. Authorities say the damage totaled several thousand dollars. Vulgarities were spray painted on the building, including derogatory names toward coaches and players. And South Pittsburg’s logo was painted on the building as well, apparently to frame the other team. Officials say the act was probably an attempt to inspire the football team, but South Pittsburg won anyway - 35 to 17. The Sheriff's department won’t say whether other coaches were involved. In the meantime, Schmitt has been suspended from his teaching job with pay until the outcome of the investigation.

Source: Chattanooga News

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