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Couple found dead in bizarre murder-suicide

Tennessee detectives are trying to figure out why a man killed his girlfriend, shoved her body into a trash can, and then shot himself days later. Authorities found the bodies of Jesse Meece and Beth Straub in Nashville on Monday. Officers stopped at Meece’s house after he hadn’t shown up for work. Inside they found the makings of a horror story. His body was on a couch - and in the basement, they found a makeshift wall. Behind the wall was a 96-gallon trash can with a pipe directly attached to the sewage system. When officials opened the can, the found the remains of a body under a plexiglass window. They now believe the trash can was modified to hide the odor of the decomposing body. Neighbors say the couple had lived together at the home for at least a year.

Source: Chattanooga News

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