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Asthmatic cyclist pepper sprayed by teens while riding his bike

An asthmatic Chattanooga cyclist says he was pepper sprayed by teenagers while he was out riding. Anders Swanson was biking on Raccoon Mountain Saturday when he says two teens in a truck began taunting him, blowing an air horn, flipping him off, and then spraying him with mace. After he called 911, the boys confessed to a Chattanooga police officer, but they haven’t been charged with a crime. When Chattanooga police found out the incident happened in Marion County, they couldn’t make an arrest. And when Marion County investigated, the boys claimed they were the victims. They said Swanson tried to grab them and that they were scared and used pepper spray to protect themselves. Now the teens’ parents may press charges against Swanson. And an investigation of both sides should be presented to the district attorney - today.

Source: Chattanooga News

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