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After-prom rape under investigation

Officials are still investigating a reported rape that allegedly took place after Calhoun High School’s prom. Authorities say 26 young people had been partying in a cabin at Coosawattee River Resort near Ellijay May 10th. The cabin was owned by one of the students’ parents. Multiple reports assert that several young men were involved in the alleged assault of a girl. The girl ended up in the hospital, in need of serious medical treatment. And officials say nearly all of the 18 to 20 year olds at the party were intoxicated. But other than that, the events of the night remain unclear. Detectives won’t say whether there was adult supervision at the party. And some are complaining that the investigation is being slowed because of the high-profile of some of the students allegedly involved. Some parents have called for the accused students to be suspended or kept from graduating, but the superintendent says it’s too soon, especially since no one has been charged.

Source: Chattanooga News

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