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$700,000 in taxpayer money spent on steam showers and luxury items

A woman accused of misspending government money at a retirement home called "Living the Dream" could wind up - living in prison. Officials say Wendy Askins misused about $700,000 taxpayer dollars at the Cookeville center. The money was meant for the Upper Cumberland Development District, where she served as executive director. Instead, officials say Askins conspired with Larry Gene Webb to spend the money on the retirement property they both owned. According to an audit, Askins spent thousands on lavish improvements to the main living quarters where she and her daughter lived rent-free. Among their luxuries were a new fireplace, televisions, a 3D computer, $6,000 dollar steam showers, and, to top it all off, a $25,000 dollar curved staircase. Billy Michael Foster, the mayor of DeKalb County, has also been charged with covering up the illegal activity. And officials say Askins could serve 200 years in prison and pay a $6 million dollar fine.

Source: Chattanooga News

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