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2 prom assault suspects were on probation

The Gilmer County sheriff says one of the suspects in the alleged rape after the Calhoun High School prom will probably be charged with another crime. But Sheriff Stacy Nicholson won’t say which of the 18-year-olds, Fields Chapman, Andrew Haynes or Damon Johnson, faces that charge, or what the charge might be. Still, a Calhoun police officer says that before prom, Chapman and Haynes were already on probation, for possession of alcohol. An 18-year-old told police she had been raped at a party after the prom on May 11. Last week, the sheriff’s office charged the three suspects with aggravated sexual battery, which involves a foreign object, not intercourse. Nicholson also said the suspects could eventually face rape charges. But the results from the GBI crime lab - could take months.

Source: Chattanooga News

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